E797 Connoisseur Turbo Air Fry Oven


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The new Connoisseur Turbo Fry Oven is the next generation Easycook. This great new modern oven not only looks great, it boasts 4 new features listed below.

Convenient rotisserie for great roasting results.

Airfry barrel for fabulous guilt-free chips.

European styled hinged lid for safe operation.

Lightweight removeable bowl for easy cleaning.


Dual use Wire Rack

High level when grilling or toasting. Eg; Grill steak, chops, chicken, sausages & bacon.

Low level for Roasting and Baking. E.g. Roast Beef, Lamb, Chicken and baking cakes.

Baking Tray

Used to cook scones, sausage rolls and pizzas.


Add food to the rotisserie and connect into the bowl area as provided. You can cook chicken and other solid meats – maximum 1.2kg.

Air-Fry Barrel

Add food to the barrel and connect into the receptacles in the bowl as provided. You can cook chips, chicken nuggets, roast nuts, and popcorn.


Connoisseur Turbo Fry Oven Model
Product Code E777 E797
Wattage 1300W 1300W
Element Type Halogen Halogen
Bowl Capacity 11 Litres 11 Litres
Bowl Diameter (mm) 280 280
Bowl Height (mm) 130 130
Temp. Range 60-230 deg C 60-230 deg C
Temp. Control Manual Automatic
Timer 1 hour 10 hours
Safety Switch Handle Yes Yes
Power Cord Fixed Fixed
Weight (kg) 8.5 8.5
Height (mm) 320 320
Height with lid up (mm) 560 560
Width (mm) 350 350

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Weight 8.5 kg




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